We founded Central Grazing Company with a few simple goals:

  • To raise lambs ethically according to the highest animal welfare standards.
  • To regenerate grasslands by producing climate benefiting food and fiber.
  • To create economic incentives for independent, regional or organic farmers.
  • To provide living wages to our workers.
  • To build a traceable supply chain.
  • Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World
  • Central Grazing Company’s principal mission is to provide our livestock with good, peaceful and humane lives.    We work closely with A Greener World’s Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) program to achieve our animal welfare goals and we only purchase certified AWA lambs from independent farmers.  The AWA program is a USDA-approved, third party certifier who audits, certifies and supports independent farmers committed to raising their animals according to the highest animal welfare standards.   This certification communicates to the discerning consumer that our Food and Fiber come from humanely raised lambs that live on pastures, socially and naturally, their whole lives – essential to their good health and well-being.
  • Regenerating Our Prairies
    Everything we do has an origin that begins with soil.  We know that creating a truly regenerative business starts by regenerating our grasslands.  By properly managing our flocks to mimic the predator/prey relationship in which prairie ecosystems evolved, farmers control how long their sheep are in one place and how long until they return.  This allows our grasses to grow long root systems that feed our soil so that we can be more resilient in times of drought, famine and flood.   Our regenerated prairies will also mitigate climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon and putting it back into the soil.
  • Giving Value Back to Our Farmers
    Part of creating a regenerative business is making sure that we are contributing to the health of our local economy.  We know that the more money that goes back into our farmers’ hands, the better for their land, animals, family and community.  We offer fair prices and profit sharing to our farmers as strong economic incentives to adhere to strict AWA and ecological standards.  We are committed to making sure that our farmers receive a high price for the Food and Fiber they raise.  In addition, we split 50% of all of our net profits with our farmers.Today, we purchase lambs from ten small family farmers in Missouri and Kansas.  We pay our farmers a very competitive market rate for the lambs.   In 2016, our farmers each received a $35 increase per lamb over market rate.  As Central Grazing Company grows and we increase the value of our lambs, we expect our farmers to earn even more per lamb.
  • Everyone Deserves a Living Wage
    We understand that our bottom line serves as a guideline for our success, but it’s not what inspires us each and every day.  Creating a regenerative business not only applies to our grassland, our animals, and our farmers, but also to the workers who work our fields and manufacture our products.  We purchase from regional farmers and US factories to help shrink the wage gap.  And all of our own workers earn a living wage, even our part-time employees.