Are your lambs 100% grass-fed?

We raise Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) lamb.  Many of our farmers are also certified 100% grass-fed by AWA.  However, one of our main goals is to keep lambs from ending up in confinement.  Some of our lambs come from sheep dairy flocks that would otherwise be sold to feedlots.  We allow a 70% pasture based diet for these dairy lambs.  AWA audits our farmers to ensure that only 30% nGMO grain (corn, soy, wheat, barley or oats) is fed to our lambs coming from the dairy industry.  Because a very small fraction of our lambs might consume up to 30% nGMO grains, we cannot label our lambs as 100% grass-fed.

Are your lambs organic?

We are not organic.  However, AWA was awarded the highest animal welfare and environmental label in the country by Consumer Reports.

In general, organic production limits the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other inputs.  However, it does not strictly define production practice related to space per animal or outdoor access requirements – for example, confinement areas are permitted to fatten organic lamb – that can have significant welfare implications for animals and the environment.

What do you mean by ‘zero waste’?

We believe that the only ethical and sustainable way to manufacture products from animals is to ensure that the whole animal is utilized so that no part of it is wasted or ends up in the landfill.  Since our beginning, we have been working hard to use the whole animal.  Partnerships with other companies have helped us achieve some of our zero waste goals.  Petite Mort Fur purchases all of our accidental death sheep to make handcrafted leather bags.  Pergamena uses our lambskins to make beautiful AWA leather.  Also, Bonafide Provisions uses our lamb bones to make lamb bone broth.  Our goals don’t just stop there.  We are always working on developing new products to achieve our zero waste goals.

How old are your lambs when they are processed?

We process our lambs between 7 to 12 months.

How do you protect your flock from predators?

Coyotes are our main threat.  We rotate our lambs every 24 grazing hours inside temporary solar-powered electric fence.  Our grazing rotation keeps coyotes from learning weak spots in the fence.  It also helps protect our sheep from internal parasites. By allowing long rest periods in between grazing the parasites life cycle is interrupted.

We also use trained Livestock Guard Dogs that live and socialize with our sheep.  They are our best defense against coyotes.

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes. We guarantee every order. If you receive an order that arrives incorrectly or not to your specifications, we will either refund your money or send you a new order.  To send us feedback, please email us at

Why do you only ship frozen lamb?

The majority of our lambs are born when pastures are lush with a nutritious diverse diet that grows healthy lambs.  Our lambs spend their entire lives on pasture and are never finished in feedlots or in confinement.  Because we strive to give our lambs a very high quality life, we have to process them when they reach the peak of maturity, which will change from year to year depending on the weather.  We cannot supply fresh lamb like strictly grain-fed operations can since we must process lamb when they reach maturity on pasture.

How do I thaw frozen lamb?

The best way to thaw frozen lamb is in your refrigerator overnight.  You can also submerge you packaged lamb in cold water, changing the water every 30 minutes until your lamb is thawed.

How is your lamb shipped?

We ship using FedEx or UPS Ground/Home Delivery or 2nd Day Express delivery.  We ship orders on Monday or Tuesday for a Wednesday or Thursday delivery.  If you can place your order prior to Monday 8am, we can ship that day.  You will be contacted by customer service if your order cannot be shipped as specified or is delayed.   Each order will be shipped in a reusable cooler with dry ice.  All product(s) will arrive frozen, partially thawed or chilled.

  • All shipments must have a physical address. We will not ship to PO boxes.
  • We are not responsible for incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses! So double-check that your address was entered correctly.
  • Your lamb will arrive frozen or partially thawed on dry ice. If your lamb is partially thawed you can refreeze it without losing quality.  Do not refreeze ground.

FedEx and UPS will leave your lamb at your front door.  It will be shipped with dry ice.  However, to maintain its quality, make sure you will be home soon after your lamb is scheduled to arrive.

How long should I keep your lamb?

If your lamb remains frozen you can keep it in your freezer for 6 months after purchasing.  If you have thawed our lamb, consume within 5-7 days.