Whole Custom Lamb


1 package of Frenched Racks – 2 per package
2 packages of Loin Chops – 4 per package
2 Bone In Leg Roast – 2.5 pounds each
2 Boneless Leg Roast – 2 pounds each
2 Bone In Shoulder Roast – 2 pounds each
2 packages Osso Bucco – 2 pounds each
4 packages of Ground Lamb – 1 pounds each
4 package of Lamb Stew Meat – 1 pounds each

  • Certified Animal Welfare Approved
  • Sustainably Farmed
  • No Confinement
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones

Enjoy lamb all year long.  When you order a whole cut lamb you will save 10% off the retail value.  Plus, you can use any of our recipes for your own home creations.  Free shipping!  If you would like to order a whole custom cut lamb, please email us at info@centralgrazingco.com.  We can cut your lamb anyway you desire.  Pricing could be different for whole custom cut lamb.

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