Central Grazing Company


For Jacqueline Smith, it was a desire to create a simple life for her boys.  She wanted them to learn to love nature through exploring, getting dirty, having fun.  But more importantly, as a farmer, Jacqueline wanted to teach her kids to love taking care of the earth.  This desire led Jacqueline and ReGina Cruse to purchase a farm northeast of the Flint Hills in Kansas.  Much of the surrounding land had been converted to crop or hay fields with depleted soils.  Jacqueline knew that holistically grazing livestock is one of the best practices for prairie restoration.  Grazing not only promotes lasting grasslands; it also allows the sheep to live natural and instinctive lives—essential to their good health and well being.

Jacqueline and ReGina rotational graze 150 mixed-breed sheep south of Lawrence, Kansas.  They have 2 Maremma livestock guard dogs named Max and Blue and a handful of chickens.

Central Grazing Company has been Animal Welfare Approved since 2015.  Jacqueline has been an Animal Welfare Approved farmer since 2008 at her previous farm.


Daniel Borntreger Farm

Daniel and Fanny Mae Borntreger and their 10 children are Amish producer partners.  They raise 350 Dorper sheep, 150 dairy ewes and 65 Red Angus cows on 450 acres in Missouri.  They manage a multispecies grazing system using their sheep flocks and cattle herds.

They farm grass using draft horses to move hay and to drill annual seed into their pastures.   Daniel’s everyday horse is a Standardbred named Ozark.  In the Amish community, Standardbred’s are most commonly seen pulling the carts and buggies.

Daniel and Fanny Mae’s farm has 9 ponds all stocked well with fish.  When Daniel and his family are not working they like to feed the catfish at the pond close to their house.

Daniel Borntreger’s Farm has been Animal Welfare Approved since 2014.


John Borntreger

John Borntreger and his family raises organic and non-GMO grains, dairy sheep, lambs, dairy cows and beef along with a dozen turkeys and chickens.  His farm sits just a few miles outside of Ravenwood, Missouri in a thriving Amish community.

When John is not farming, he enjoys working in his leather shop handcrafting horse bridles and dog collars.

John Borntreger’s farm has been Animal Welfare Approved since 2012.